How to print the flyers

The leaflets can be used for many reasons, both in the world of business and personal reasons. They are used in a particular way to draw attention to an event, a promotion, a new product, etc. Currently there are many companies that produce it, according to the needs of the user who requests it, but often this involves costs a bit ‘excessive waiting times long enough. Let’s see how to create fliers personally via PC and print them.

How to create and print advertising flyers

  • Determine the purpose of the flyer. Whatever the reason, it is important to have in mind when creating the document;
  • Decide on the text to be included in the flyer, not very long, but effective and impactful advertising, otherwise you risk that the document be trashed even before reading it;
  • Determine the graphics of the leaflet: this may be affected by the editing program that you are using. Currently, the easiest and cheapest to use is the Microsoft Publisher that guides you step by step, from creation to print. The graphics typical of the flyer includes clip art, logos, trademarks, photographs or images that do not have to be set in large amounts (maximum 2);
  • Use an editing program to decide the layout of the flyer. There are several models to choose from pagination.
  • Determined the type of layout, write a text clear, concise and simple. Very important must be the ease and speed of reading of the text, in particular by using characters efficient, colored and visual impact;
  • Decide on the positioning of images and text, taking care to leave white space so that the reader tends to reflect on the message.

Printing the flyer

Decided the graphics of the flier you enter during printing.

Based on the purpose of the flyer, printing will be on different paper type: – if the leaflet has been prepared for proposals, presentations, invitations, etc., It is good to use a thin sheet, light and with a matte finish, so to make the text of the leaflet crisp;

  • If the leaflet has been prepared for the brochure, however, it is best to use a type of paper thicker and heavier;
  • If the leaflet has been prepared for important projects, the paper must be of a special format, such as photo paper or glossy paper. In a particular way it is good to remember that, despite the flyers are “homemade”, could also result in excessive costs, so it is good to use color printers only necessary and if the documents are aimed at a well-defined group and purpose advertising.

The leaflets in black and white, however, succeed in their purpose well.

The leaflets and social media

What has to do with Social Media Marketing leaflets distributed in mailboxes, mistreated by most, poorly tolerated by many, often crumpled and thrown away before being read?

To see her like, seems to relate worlds apart as the remote past and the future more futuristic, do not you too?
Yet, oddly enough, today leaflets and Social Media Marketing are linked, at least in some areas, a double thread. This is because they are still so many companies, large and small, that still operate with preference for leaflets and direct mail not addressed as preferred channel of contact with customers and prospects, and even prefer them to addressed mailing and customized even with database full of a multitude of contacts to manage – contacts, however, acquired in the best way, through loyalty cards or other means of in-store promotion.

Do you think he’s talking about the delicatessen downstairs? Well, it does not. I’m also talking about companies with revenues of tens of millions of euro, and that – look, feel – have Facebook pages full of 500 thousand or even more than a million Likes. And, since you ask me, I’ll tell you what he needs these pages Facebook: he needs to put online content (and often graphics) of their leaflets unaddressed, the same who then end up inevitably in our own boxes postal.

Is not this too, Social Media Marketing?

The marketing of the handwheel

The handwheel is primarily used by GDO and large chains that sell products for the computer. In terms of diffusion, however, the passenger is not usually distributed to rain (as it seems), but patchy. This is because in general the high volume corresponds planning capillary that makes sure there is a greater presence in areas where it is expected a higher response.

Well, without getting too specific, what I want to tell you is that one of the leaflets is a method of direct marketing of all respect, that has its driving force in low costs: lower printing costs, lower cost of construction and low cost, especially, postal delivery.

But it’s always like this?

Certainly not.

On the contrary: most of the time the handwheel is used without any knowledge of the most advanced techniques for geotargeting and direct marketing, and is distributed to rain, so disorganizato and inevitably inconclusive.
Remind you of anything?

Yes, exactly, are all features that direct marketing is not addressed shares with advertising on social media, and specifically with the Facebook Advertising.

And as the leaflets, even advertising on facebook is often used by small and medium-sized enterprises without any planning, in a completely uncontrolled.

Yet, as most of the handwheel and also advertising on Facebook is suitable, if you want to make it a truly professional use, the possibility of a segmentation and diversification extreme, however helped by the possibility to operate at very low costs contact and a high capacity of Marketing Reach – or flow rate, if you prefer.

A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

Project “Leaflet”

The realization of any advertising project requires a basic strategy, the leaflet is not exempt from this law, rather paradoxically, by its nature project basis is one of the most difficult to achieve.

To entrust the implementation of a leaflet

I will not go into the writing on things to do and to avoid the creation of a leaflet, because anyone who engages in this field must have the skills required to produce concrete results in terms of returns, but I can, nevertheless, advise the customer to turn to a study of advertising and not to the distributor or to the printer, the reason is simple: no one would dream of entrusting to a design of a car dealer or a real estate agent the construction of their own villa – especially today where studies advertising “Low cost” and freelance adopt policies dumping extreme.

How to generate returns with the handwheel

The leaflets of our Studio advertising are designed to reach the target with maximum efficiency, making note and remember positively, thus generating the virtuous path origin of a concrete interest. The credit goes to our communication strategies, consist of messages, content and those nonverbal communications that reach to touch deeply the processes of purchasing mechanisms.

Understand the levers that play a key role in this and act accordingly is the task of those who have had special training. Creativity, strategy, execution and subsequent choice of media and processes are the exclusive competence of Studies and advertising agencies. Advertising investments should not be entrusted with lightness to anyone who offers the lowest price, but to those who have the necessary references.

The distribution

The same holds true for the distribution. There are times and precise rules in the distribution door to door, as there are costs to below which the hope of generating some feedback becomes a mere illusion.

The costs of a campaign of leafleting

A single person can deploy a day a predetermined maximum number of leaflets, the people in charge of this work have the precise costs, and popi there are fuel costs and logistics, it is clear that I will need to distribute leaflets tot tot of people tot days at a cost that will oscillate between hypothetically 00,20/00,30 handwheel, if the same service is offered to me to 00,05 / 00,10, probably, there is something that escapes me.


A Study of advertising today absolutely must select their partners in terms of quality and reliability, a Study low cost is more committed to this mission because it should prove to be competitive and at the height of the most renowned agencies to ensure a long-lasting customers, this will makes it the ideal candidate in projects like this.

We saw this as a brief overview of topics would be more appropriate to take action to invest profitably in the creation of a flyer and in its distribution.