Project “Leaflet”

The realization of any advertising project requires a basic strategy, the leaflet is not exempt from this law, rather paradoxically, by its nature project basis is one of the most difficult to achieve.

To entrust the implementation of a leaflet

I will not go into the writing on things to do and to avoid the creation of a leaflet, because anyone who engages in this field must have the skills required to produce concrete results in terms of returns, but I can, nevertheless, advise the customer to turn to a study of advertising and not to the distributor or to the printer, the reason is simple: no one would dream of entrusting to a design of a car dealer or a real estate agent the construction of their own villa – especially today where studies advertising “Low cost” and freelance adopt policies dumping extreme.

How to generate returns with the handwheel

The leaflets of our Studio advertising are designed to reach the target with maximum efficiency, making note and remember positively, thus generating the virtuous path origin of a concrete interest. The credit goes to our communication strategies, consist of messages, content and those nonverbal communications that reach to touch deeply the processes of purchasing mechanisms.

Understand the levers that play a key role in this and act accordingly is the task of those who have had special training. Creativity, strategy, execution and subsequent choice of media and processes are the exclusive competence of Studies and advertising agencies. Advertising investments should not be entrusted with lightness to anyone who offers the lowest price, but to those who have the necessary references.

The distribution

The same holds true for the distribution. There are times and precise rules in the distribution door to door, as there are costs to below which the hope of generating some feedback becomes a mere illusion.

The costs of a campaign of leafleting

A single person can deploy a day a predetermined maximum number of leaflets, the people in charge of this work have the precise costs, and popi there are fuel costs and logistics, it is clear that I will need to distribute leaflets tot tot of people tot days at a cost that will oscillate between hypothetically 00,20/00,30 handwheel, if the same service is offered to me to 00,05 / 00,10, probably, there is something that escapes me.


A Study of advertising today absolutely must select their partners in terms of quality and reliability, a Study low cost is more committed to this mission because it should prove to be competitive and at the height of the most renowned agencies to ensure a long-lasting customers, this will makes it the ideal candidate in projects like this.

We saw this as a brief overview of topics would be more appropriate to take action to invest profitably in the creation of a flyer and in its distribution.